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Courses & Curriculum

Degree Requirements

The online UW Master of Sustainable Transportation degree requires the completion of nine courses for a total of 43 credits. A capstone project, which is incorporated into the final three courses of the program, is also required to earn the degree. All courses are delivered completely online.


The program emphasizes the study of real-world issues and ideas that promote responsible environmental, economic and community-oriented solutions to transportation challenges. The degree curriculum focuses on a different sustainable transportation topic each year, allowing for an in-depth exploration of one area of the discipline. 

Course Sequence

Focus Area I: Planning and Livable Communities
CET 561: Transportation Planning & Design
CET 562: Livable Communities & Design
CET 563: Transportation Choices & Technology
Focus Area II: Environmental Issues and Impacts
CET 564: Sustainable Transportation From a Systems Perspective
CET 565: Climate Change & Energy
CET 566: Environmental Analysis & Assessment
Focus Area III: Policy Development, Health and Economics
CET 567: Health & Sustainable Transportation
CET 568: Transportation Economics
CET 569: Policy Development, Finance & Sustainable Transportation