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Capstone Project

The online Master of Sustainable Transportation capstone project allows you to apply the knowledge gained over the course of the program and demonstrate mastery of the subject. The project is incorporated into the final three courses of the degree.

You will select a topic of interest that relates to a current transportation industry problem and has a sustainability aspect and is designed to create a product that is useful in your career. Capstone projects could include one or more of the following elements:

  • Alternative mode study and application
  • Travel demand management applications and evaluations
  • Transit-oriented land-use designs
  • Environmental issues
  • Energy issues
  • Freight transportation alternatives
  • Security issues and telecommunication applications and evaluation

Project Partners

As part of your capstone, you will match up with a company or agency that needs help with a sustainable transportation project. This project can be based at the University of Washington, elsewhere in the Puget Sound region or in a national or international setting, depending on your location and interest.

Your capstone will include a final detailed report and presentation. You will be assessed on the quality of your capstone report and online presentation, along with the professional application of your skills and knowledge to the project.