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Online Master of Sustainable Transportation

Alumni Stories

Graduates of the Master of Sustainable Transportation program embark on a wide variety of career paths. The common thread of these paths is a desire to help shape the way that our society thinks about the interconnections between transportation, environmental concerns and quality-of-life factors.

Here are the stories of a few of our alumni, who are using what they learned in the program to make an impact on transportation policy and their communities.

Jessica BrownJessica Brown

Sustainability Environmental Program Manager, Port of Seattle

“I was a mid-career professional working in the environmental field, but I wanted to change the focus of my work toward transportation. Now I’m leading a sustainability effort — I get to focus on something I’m really passionate about.”

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Murat OmayMurat Omay

Principal Transportation Engineer, Battelle

“The program gives me a broad perspective and a variety of tools for working on development of transportation solutions that are also sustainable.”

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Courtney PompaCourtney Pompa

Transportation Engineer, Pierce County

“With the knowledge from the program and my new position, I hope to make a difference for the public, for myself and for future generations when it comes to the transportation system.” 

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Stuart SambergStuart Samberg

Project Manager, RK&K

“There are a number of things I do today that build off topics that we studied ... I honestly would not have been able to provide some of those services without having taken the master's program.”

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Joe WrightJoseph Wright

Civil Engineer, LJB Inc.

“I think our goal as transportation engineers is to improve the quality of life for the people that live around us. If we're not improving air quality, improving the social justice of the community, providing more efficient transportation, more affordable transportation, then we’re not doing our job.”

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Curtis WaltonCurtis Walton

Assistant Transportation Engineer, Seattle Department of Transportation

“I was looking for something that aligned with my own personal values and allowed me to make a positive impact on my local community.”

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